20% done

20% of the mud required has now been mixed and poured. We’ve lost a few days with wet weather over the past 4 weeks since hitting the 10% mark but looking at my notes on what has been done for the time available the next 10% will be done in around 10 days.

Now we have the base layer complete the process of setting up and levelling/aligning the moulds is taking half the time of the base layer. Most of the resets are falling into place and require minimal if any levelling, usually the end plates are the only part needing to be squared and plumbed.

The extra shutter sets I made are now coming into their own. I am able to simply pull down and put the used shutters to one side and then reset with the newly cleaned and oiled extras. When I have a helper come up for the day they are cleaning the dirty sets and reoiling them for me.

It is a massive undertaking and all told we are happy with progress so far.

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