Crane in use

It seems to have been a while since I updated. Life’s been hectic with a lot of things going on besides the build so time to sit and type has been sadly limited.

We’ve had the crane in use as we get to levels 5 and above, and it has proved an absolute winner. Quick and easy to manouver and capable of lifting 60kg+ without any ballast or outriggers in place it makes working at heights safer and easier.

Pic 1 will give you an overall idea of what it is, essentially a boom lift with a hand winch at one end to trim and a remote electric winch at the other to control height once in place. The ugly setup of jumper cables has since been replaced with anderson plugs, since this was the first real use I needed to assess cable lengths and placement before I committed to making the connections permanent. Pic 2 is a close up of how it’s made mobile. 2 large wheels up front have a 10mm ground clearance and the jockey wheel allows the rear to be lifted for moving or sat on the frame to keep things steady. Pic 3 is the battery cradle and front cross brace.

Pic 4 shows the electric winch with the cable remote fitted, it also has a wireless remote if needed. Pic 5 is the whole thing being used to lift and position the shutter set. I’m using a 400kg rated ratchet strap as the sling since the hooks make fixing and removing it quick and easy.

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