Past 40%

Getting closer to that half way mark! Lots of disruptions from both weather and family commitments over the silly season have slowed progress, but since returning from my two weeks off the build is progressing nicely.

First pic above shows progress down the western wall. The drawing above is the section chart I use to plan what needs to be poured for the next work day. We now have sections 1 and 2 of the 6 sections to 7 layers and have started the first of the window voids as seen in pic 2. Pic 3 is showing the formation of the remaining expansion joints in this wall.

I have 6 blocks left to pour in section 3 and then we’re onto the skinny blocks for the rest of this wall. I can now go back to pouring full width blocks on the east and north walls as well continuing with the skinny blocks. With so much formwork in place I expect to get a lot of blocks poured over the next few weeks.

Once the build is 7 layers in height right around the fixings for the return verandah will be incorporated into the pour of layer 8 and we’ll use a laser level to get this accurate for the corner blocks then use a string line/spirit level combination to get the correct levels for the remaining blocks.

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