Perfect weather for curing concrete

I was on the block over the weekend getting some labouring work done for the plumber. The slab looks great and we’ve been so lucky with the weather with mainly overcast days and a fair amount of rain spread across the day. Here’s hoping those curing conditions give us the strongest slab possible.

The plumber has been hard at it connecting the drains to the underfloor plumbing. The amount of fall by the time he’s wrapped the pipe around the slab and started heading it out to the septic tank is around 1.8 metres. That’s some major site excavations. With some dumb luck he has not found any huge lumps of rock, instead being able to bash his way through with a jackhammer. That works out cheaper for us than a rock breaking excavator for sure but will still blow out his bill somewhat.

Never mind though, we’d had visions of being $10 000 poorer after the site cut revealed those huge lumps of rock so the $3000 or so bill resulting from that is a more pleasant result.

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