Waiting, waiting, waiting and still waaaaaaiting

Title says it all really. Waiting for the engineering to come back on the roof trusses and wall frames (1 job) and the pergola and verandahs (1 job) before we can go any further with the application for building consent.

While we’ve been waiting we have tendered out for a concreter to do the slabs, a plumber to do the pre-slab plumbing and install the septic tanks and steel supplier for the roofing, fascias (must be steel under bushfire regulations) and gutters.

I’ve settled on having at least 3 quotes as the minimum for each before I will settle on the winning tender for each. For the steel this is proving to be a winning strategy as one supplier has quoted the entire job at less than another has quoted on the roof sheeting for the house alone. Go figure since they all use the same supplier ultimately for “Colorbond” products.

This process is also letting us ink in figures for the budget and our estimations from when we started planning are so far aound on the mark. I also invested in some more reading materials, “House Building Manual” by Allan Staines, “Roof Building Manual” by Allan Staines and Lloyd Hiddle and “Deck and Pergola Construction” by Allan Staines. I’ll include the cost of those in the next costs update post.

I’ve built a 5mm mesh half cage for the 10×6 trailer so we have a good sturdy place to tie awkward things to inside the trailer. I bought a steel cut off saw to do this job, and I’ll use that to make the mold dividers for the block system as well.

We also grabbed a bargain kitchen bench and sink off eBay which will satisfy the council requirements for a kitchen for the occupancy certificate as well as a very expensive pre-wash tap as used in commercial kitchens that we’ll fix to the laundry and use for washing all sorts of things from veggies to beer brewing tubs.

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