Coleman Air

Occasionally you just need to tell people when you are happy with how a company makes products and conducts business. I would like to take a moment to tell those of you considering an off grid setup about Coleman Air

I ordered a substantial amount of equipment from them (enough for the house plus a separate setup for the aquaponics shed) and it was here within a week of them sending it out to me via DHL. It was extremely well packed with the volume of each box roughly twice the contents, the contents neatly and securely wrapped in bubble wrap and then completely immersed in a protective cocoon of shredded paper. The boxes took an obvious beating during the trip and the contents were completely unharmed.

I was also keen to have a look at the quality of the gear, as they do assemble the equipment themselves. All the work is very neat and tidy and gives the impression it was crafted rather than just slapped together.

If you’re going to go off grid I encourage you to take a look at what they have to offer, especially the charge controllers. Just remember, they are US based and you will be liable for import duties and taxes if you exceed $1000 as a private importer. Our duties and taxes were roughly 15% of the invoiced amount.

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