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Update on costs

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Bunnings sold me the Talon earth auger for a mere $393

Bunnings also provided us with a new 30 metre hose, hose fittings and some hardware for the trailer mods for $64.15

House only spending still stands at $223 250.90

Another weekend to get on with plantings

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Having learned a lot from how things were done last weekend, this weekend we have a refined approach and a better trailer setup to help us get the most of the time on the block.

I’ve welded support brackets for the pump and hose reel outside of the trailer box, clearing space internally. We also now have important things in easy reach and more importantly clear of trailer and truck wheels. Our neighbour also let us in on a “secret” source of water where we can get the 1000L tank filled in a matter of minutes without having to use the pump.

The skies really opened on the Tuesday after Easter and gave the trees we had planted a very welcome 70mm of rain. As hoped the hole left around the trees as a result of the auger spreading the dirt around the hole somewhat did trap and hold water. I went up to take a look at any damage on Wednesday and many of the trees still had small amounts of water visible from the shower that went through just before I got there.

I have taken some pictures of the plantings, and as you can imagine the scale of things cannot be comprehended from looking at a picture, so instead of posting those I will take photos of the planted area in monthly cycles and post them instead.

With more rain in the long range forecast is seems we got the timing spot on with the plantings. All we need to do now is get as many plants as possible in the ground and established before the winter frosts start setting in.