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RIP trusted workhorse

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The Pajero had started developing some worrying oil leaks so is being retired to the farm to be used as a paddock basher once we are living up there. Mechanically it still operates as it should, it just has a crack or hole somewhere at the back of the head/block causing it to drop oil like a typical Holden.

I’ve replaced it with a 2007 Ford Ranger dual cab with a tray back rather than a tub. Over the last 2 weeks we have been working on adding all the bits and pieces needed to make it the workhorse we want and need. So far we’ve added a pair of cavernous toolboxes, central locking/immobiliser, turbo timer and dual batteries for remote power via an inverter.

Using Anderson plugs the secondary battery can be swaped out for a third, fourth and so on to allow batteries to be recharged during the trips to and fro. The inverter is used to charge batteries for the cordless menagerie of tools we have. On site the dual battery switching solenoid protects the starter battery from discharge by disconnecting it from the secondary battery which runs the inverter. While we’re travelling the secondary battery is automatically charged once the main battery is topped up.

First pic is the new truck, second shows battery in position with dual Anderson plugs, third shows the power take off for the light and cigarette lighter in pic 4. I fixed the battery in place using some angle aluminium pop riveted to the base of the toolbox, topped with a sheet of ply to isolate the battery from the tool box itself. The tie down is a strap hinge with most of the loop around the pin of the strap cut away so it can be angled under and drop down to secure it, then fixed down with a standard battery tie down at the other end.

Update on costs

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Not much has been happening, so not much to report in terms of costs.
Senturion provided us with steel to make the extra forwork – $227.50
Dry Creek Builders Yard for formply seconds – $120

Total project spend is now at $291,385.83
House only is now $77,433.33
Cost per square metre is now $268.87