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Update on the paperwork

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

As it turns out I found errors in the paperwork while duplicating it all so we did not actually get the completed documents to the certifier until early mid July. I’m sure it won’t be a great shock for you all to read that it’s taking a lot of work between the certifier, draftsman and engineers to get a cohesive set of paperwork ready for the building approvals. A lot of this is due to new rules and regulations being introduced in July and the plans needing these changes reflected where the old codes and regulations were quoted.

However we have a super motivating deadline to make or we will well and truly be knee deep in “it”. September 1 brings in a raft of new energy efficiency mandates for new buildings. While our earth based structure cannot be rated and is deemed simply to “comply” we’re having enough fun and games now defining just how it does comply to satisfy the SA housing code.

On the spending front we’re been very quiet with nothing specifically purchased for the house project. I’ve also decided to go back through the costing posts I’ve made and only include costs specifically for the house. We’ve registered a business name so the property is now officially an income producing entity and a lot of the previous costs were input into that business and not really at all to do with the house.

I’m really looking forward to that post that lets you know we have the green light to go ahead and build the damn house. Fingers crossed it’s no more than 2 weeks away.