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Slowly making some headway

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Progress has been slow with the weather continuing to be unseasonally wet. First pic in this update shows the complete moulding for the layer set and ready to be poured.

Second pic is the levelling system in action, by propping the shutters with lengths of wood all we need to do is turn the bolts until the mould becomes level.

Third pic show the untouched voids which have been cracking.

Fourth pic shows one I tried filling with a metal trowel which scratched the blocks either side.
We’ve since found if we use a silicon spatula to push the mix into the cracks and then wipe it off with a wet cloth it is filling the cracks and they are not noticable.

Final pic is the embedded hardwood strips that the door and window framing will be fixed to. The strips have been sealed with linseed oil and antimould and have three 100mm galvanised screws set at obscure angles to make sure they stay anchored in the walls.