And so it starts

I haven’t had time to scratch the proverbial let alone sit and write about what has been happening so far.

This update will be quick fire since we did not do much of the work ourselves. At the start of October we measured up the build area and set out the cut for the house and the areas for the topsoil and subsoil spoil. Around October 8th our neighbour started on the earthworks for the building site, cutting as much of the site as he could.

What he did find was an enormous lump of rock and several smaller ones that prevented him making a clean and full cut to the site. We have some photos of the cut area up on the flickr account here. The rock is huge but the camera doesn’t distinguish it well from the soil in the background, but trust us as we walked around it and lamented its being, it is massive.

That rock has since been removed and we will get up there and get some more photos of the finished cut this weekend, weather permitting. As I mentioned, only a quickfire update but stay tuned – the plumber and concreter are communicating between themselves and it looks like we’ll have a slab ready to build on in about 4 weeks.

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