Earthworks complete

The rock was smashed out of the cut site and the decision was made to use a cut and fill based on the depth of the rock and the repercussions for the plumber and concretor. Check out the size of some of the slabs in the flickr account, link to that is at the right of page under “Photos”.

This weekend we will be delivering a 5000 litre tank and filling it with rainwater for the plumber and concretor to use during their works on the site.  The tank will later become one of the those used to hold water off the roof space as it is transfered to the holding tank further up the hill.

We will also mark out the driveway for our neighbour to construct for us to get trucks and other vehicles safely into the site. The pasture has grown out of control with the hint of warm weather, which hides all the rocks and leaves us with no choice but to construct a proper path into the site.

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