Final plan draft is back

Darren delivered our final draft of the plans today, working in the cut for the slab and the resultant levels around the house it looks to sit very nicely into the spot we selected as the housing site.

It’s big though, overall the development pocket is 13.2 metres deep and 47.5 metres wide with 3 levels across the width to allow for the fall away in the block. The house itself is 30×9.6 metres. In that space we have 5 bedrooms, craft/hobby room, pantry/store room, laundry, 3 way bathroom and an ensuite with a very generous walk in robe.

Each bedroom is a minimum of 4.2×3.6 metres, allowing for the kids to have their own pesonal space as we only have 1 large open plan communal family area. This area is 10.5×9 metres and includes the kitchen, dining and lounge area as one space.

Adjacent to this is a 9×9 metre verandah/outdoor room. We are tossing up whether to deck or pave this area, paving being a better option for a bushfire zone, decking is the nicer option for living with. This outdoor room spans across to the shed, with a 6.6×6 metre car parking space and a 6.6×3.6 metre workshop area for me.

Total roof area is 576 metres give or take a few pieces. With last years drought record low rainfall this will still allow us to catch some 200 000 litres of rain per year, more than enough for household, animal and garden usage.

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