Holy weather damage batman

Well, none actually which is equally surprising. Our block had 108mm of rain fall in little over an hour (data thanks to farming neighbour) during the storm events of the past week so I was expecting to see a lot of damage to the building site. It was a serious rain event with gouging clearly evident down the hill where water had enough force to wash away the pasture.

Luckily for us our plumber is a clever fellow and he put carved drains in the surface after he had finished installing the sewerage drains and these kept the bulk of the water away from the slab. We had thankfully agreed on the septic tank to empty the rain water tank into as a security precaution and that is the only thing that saved it floating out of the hole and sailing down the hill in the torrent of water.

The driveway does show some washout but thanks to Rob and his mindset of do it once do it right he had rolled and compacted it enough for the surface to withstand the run off.

The only real loss we “suffered” was some of the dirt piles for the walls were diminished in the runoff. Still, that can easily be fixed with more dirt sourced easily on site.

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