Photo updates

Sadly in the marathon of mixing we forgot to get any shots of the power room slab in progress. I have however upped a few to the flickr account of the form work before I stripped it away this morning. The void has been filled with the dolomite left over from the slab (which I forgot all about until I ran over it last night) which will give a nice firm base once watered in.

When we pour the slab this weekend we will be able to position the mixer to simply dump the mix straight into the formwork and hopefully this will mean less effort and less time since they are predicting 40C for Sunday. It will be a very early start, probably under car headlights, to avoid the heat for the 4 hours I expect it to take.

The latest photos include some shots of the shutter assembly, the soil tests, the sleeping platform in the Pajero and of course the concrete ring beamĀ  ready for the slab. Grab a look at the pics here.

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