Preparing for the soil tests

After the 100mm plus of rain 2 weeks ago, this week the block is looking lush and green. To be honest, in the 5 months we have been looking at this block of land this is the first time it hasn’t been dusty and barren. We’d imagined just how nice it would look once there was some green on the ground, and I have to say it is way beyond what we expected.
View from the gate
This is the view from the current driveway. The fence line to the left is the northern boundary. Directly in front of the car is the current woodlot, which we did walk through and we estimate to have closer to 300 trees now we have seen the full extent of it.

We used the dayglo paint and stakes to mark out where we want the house and the septic to be located.
Locations for the house and the septic
If you can pick out the crossed stakes over towards the left of this pic, they mark the septic while the stake to the right  is the southern most point of the house. One thing that is really becoming apparent is the area is so vast it’s impossible to take photos that give any real feeling of the size.

After marking out the house we went back and drove from the proposed new gates down the driveway and into the garage that will be part of the house and it was nice and easy and flowed comfortably which was good. I now have the OK from the wife to order the steel posts and RHS steel to weld up the gates which we’ll need to install before trucks can enter and leave the block easily.

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