Preparing to meet with the draftsman/designer

Darren from Wise Drafting and I have finally had a chat on the phone and we have set a meeting on the block for this coming week. The wife and I have spent a lot of this week going back over our design and wish list for the house, noting down questions we have about design standards, some BCA (Building Codes Australia) concerns about windows, doors and the like and of course the passive solar aspects that we still might be able to incorporate.

We want Darren to see what we are talking about when we tell him our design optimises the best of the views our block has to offer. Conversely Darren will now be able to point out to us just what he means when he talks about maximising certain aspects of our design (and consequently the budget) by making smarter choices on how, what and where.

I’m hoping for it to be a big melting pot of ideas from which our wants and his nous should give us a final design which is all about what we want with corrective design ideals to provide what we need.

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