Provisional house plans are in!

Darren delivered the finished provisional plans late on Friday. We now have all the details required to put the application for planning permission before council. This will give us permission to build the intended development, but not permission to commence with the development.

Once that is accepted we’ll get on with getting the properly specified and engineered versions completed so we are able to apply for building consent. This will then give us permission to commence┬áthe development as specified by engineers and certifiers.

A big thanks to Darren for happily taking on all the numerous small changes we made to his (and our own) ideas along the way. He has been a very easy person to deal with, happy to listen when needed and happy to advise when requested. His wealth of knowledge on all things design and construction made our decision making process much simpler than it may have been.

I need to seek his permission to display the designs, I will post them to the site once I have that.

You can contact Darren by heading over to his website, Wise Drafting.

Now for the dreaded next step – approaching council for planning permission.

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