Ready, set and almost go

Life keeps getting in the way with family and the many birthdays around this time of year so things just seem to keep getting delayed. However, this weekend we shall be setting up the foundations and footings for the power room and pouring the slab early into next week.

All the mould system has been completed and is just going through the final “what if?” scenarios to make sure it truly is as flexible as I have designed it to be. I am so far happy with it, the proof will of course come in that first row of blocks of the power room itself.

To help with all the lifting of earthen concrete, the formworks and later the roof trusses, I have designed and am about to start building a boom lift controlled with a hand winch for horizontal movement and a remote controlled 12volt winch for rise and fall. It’s substantial enough for me to confidently predict it will lift the 100-150kg loads I expect it to encounter at heights to 6 metres. It will be easy enough to move with a jockey wheel to lift one end off the ground and a pair of 200kg rated bearing wheels at the other. The base will be welded flat welded box section with the rest of it bolted together so it can be flat packed for moving.

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