Season’s Greeting

What ever flavour of religion (or not) you follow here’s hoping you’ve survived the mayhem and chaos of family, booze and excess food of the silly season.

My list of things to do before we start building is rapidly disappearing with odds and ends being completed and tested. I have 2-3 days of tinkering left before the list is complete and then we are on the build, just in time for summer proper to get here.

That will present a few challenges with New Years day here predicted to hit 39C with a wild drop into the low 20’s for the following Sunday. I’m not quite sure just how the earth walls will cure when there is such a huge fluctuation in ambient temperature. My gut tells me the more consistent the temperature the stronger the cure but I can’t find any reliable information sources to back that up. With that in mind the start may be delayed until into the new year when things stabilise temperature wise.

I’ll get some pictures of the finished shutters and the odds and ends up some stage this week on flickr so you can see what I’ve been up to.

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