Slab cure and plumbing blues

Slab is looking great 10 days after the pour. We’ve had some unseasonal wet weather and cooler conditions which have helped keep it damp. This week we’ll get up there with some markers and start measuring out and marking the locations for all the important bits in preparation for getting the walls started.

I’d like to get a feel for the layout and having it marked means we can set out and square up rooms and so on without the encumberance of the earth walls (and all the bracing and support they will need in place until the wall frames are up). It should also equate to less time with the plans and tapes once we get started building. Next weekend we will make a start on the power room hopefully getting the slab completed over the 2 days. We’ll be mixing the concrete on site as we can’t get a local company to deliver premix on a Sunday.

The plumber has encountered some large rock where the septic was to go and that will leave us with a $600 or so bill. He managed to work his way through rock when laying the drains with a jackhammer and concrete saw and this also will add to his final bill.

So, with the trades now finished their work the site is once again peaceful and the realisation of the amount of work to come is sinking in.

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