So what are we building? Part 3

After much debate between ourselves about the pros and cons of each of the methods outlined in Part 2 we have decided we are going with poured earth, for the following reasons.

I can see Darren our draftsperson having a good ‘ole belly laugh at that one word appearing anywhere someone is talking about building. Poured earth is going to mean we can build the external walls and get the roof on without actually making any walling frames. While it won’t go up in 7-10 days like a shed would, here’s hoping to have a shell with a finished roof inside a month. That time frame is tight and is going to need a substantial window of great weather and material suppliers cooperating to deliver the windows, roof trussing and roofing steel on time as agreed.

Once we have the locked up shell, quality of life on site is going to be remarkably improved and everything will fall into place. Am I just dreaming? We’ll see if any of the project execution and planning skills I developed in a previous career can carry over to this, that is for sure.

Speed of Build.
This is so important. Being self employed (in a truly complicated way that does not tie our incomes directly or in its’ entirety to client interaction) the more time spent on the build is less time spent earning money. We’ve set a goal of 8 hours a day “on site” and 4 hours a night catching up with work. As weather and other unpredictables reduce building time we’ll use that to make up hours we should have been working on our businesses. Until we can borrow a caravan or camp under a roof we’ll have the highest tech tent campsite in the world :D

Aesthetics and Finish.
We’ve seen a couple of these projects both in the flesh and through the good souls in the owner builder world who were happy to share their projects with us. What can be achieved is exceptional, ranging from a real earthy looking appearance to something so close to sandstone you’d need to look twice to make sure it isn’t.

If we’re going to put in all that sweat equity we sure want something to sit back and admire every time we have the opportunity to do so.

Poured earth is going to give us the look we want and meet other criteria we had set long before poured earth was even an option we were prepared to consider.

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