Under Development

So, lets start with the story of the name.

My cousin is a specialist teacher who teaches primary school Aboriginal children. We had a whole heap of phrases thrown together from the dialect of the Kaurna (pronounced gowner) people who we believe were the nomadic tribe of the area our block is in. Taking her advice and remaining culturally sensitive to these people we ditched the bastardised native name idea altogether.

Our property is located at Ayres Road just outside of Tungkillo. The block is strewn with moss rocks. As you can see from the big letters at the top of the screen it wasn’t real hard to come up with a cheesy play-on-words name for the property.

We’ll be updating the blog with our progress as we embark on our very own owner-builder project.

Where possible we will also document our costs as we go along. For matters of simplicity we shall not bother with diesel for the 4WD nor will we break down the project to days and time spent on site. Councils are rightly sensitive about people living on their own land without approved dwellings so we don’t want to give the council ammunition to prosecute us should we decide to “camp” in the relative luxury of the shed or house as construction continues.

Where the %&*! is Tungkillo?
Funnily enough every second person we speak to in relation to the block utters these words. Tungkillo is 12 kilometres out of Birdwood on the Adelaide to Mannum Road and consists of a pub with some houses around it. Peaceful rural living with all the real necessities a man needs close at hand. Click here to find Tungkillo with the help of Google.

The block.
It’s big. We’ve gone from 815 square metres of pleasant suburbia to 580,800 metres of secluded and extremely peaceful grazing land. There is an abundance of rocky outcrops all over and we have our own winter creek with it’s own feeder coming down the hill at the back of the block. There are some native trees, and we certainly plan to be adding more trees to it.

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