Update on Costs

It’s been quiet on the spending front which is not always a good thing.

Picked up a 1000L caged transport tank off ebay suitable for transporting water for our trees. The seller told me it held the dye they use to colour red wood chip mulch, which you would assume is non toxic. It does needs some cleaning, but the water I flushed through it and dumped on some weeds hasn’t managed to kill them after 7 days. More importantly it’s held the water level I left it with a week ago.

I’ve also ordered nearly 10 years worth of back issues from The Owner Builder Mag so we can sound our ideas off against the last 10 years of evolution in thinking and technique for owner building.

Cost for back issues and a 1 year subscription was $229.50 inclusive of freight.

Total spend to date is now at $214 182

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