Update on our lack of progress….

A run of wet weekends has spoiled our dirt parties over the past few weeks. On the 2 occasions we could have done some work we have been suffering through colds and sniffles our boy keeps bringing home from kinder gym or playgroup. Such is life.

Still we did get up there this weekend and spent a full day organising all the bits and pieces so the next fine break we get we can spend building the actual house. Our neighbour has electrically fenced off our woodlot and the house area and has his cattle happily grazing in the paddock in pic1. We went for a bit of a wander as well to have a look at how our tree plantings have progressed since around this time last year. Some of these trees have grown more than a metre since we planted them and you can see Elise standing amongst them and indicating actual height in pic 2 & pic 3.

The trommel was assembled as in the first pic below and tested for workability and it performed flawlessly. The width of the cage is just smaller than our builders barrow so all that needs to be done is throw dirt in, empty barrow and occasionally empty the barrow of rocks on the other end. I reckon we’re seeing far less rock come out the other end compared to the shaker sift where half the lumps were just compacted dirt and not rock at all. You’ll notice I welded up a quick support stand to keep some of the pressure off of the axle end of the barrel. Second pic is all the formwork on the slab ready to go.

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